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Why It’s Smarter To Travel By Bus

Thanksgiving Day traditionally kicks off the ‘holiday season’ in the United States. In fact, more people in the US celebrate Thanksgiving than do Christmas. Airport horror stories are as much a staple of Thanksgiving dinner as turkey and stuffing.


If you thought having all of these people in the airport was bad, imagining having all these same people be absolutely furious! More than 40 percent of flights were delayed during Thanksgiving week over the last three years.

For short trips, taking the bus is the smarter way to travel. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. The most affordable travel option. Thanksgiving can be a costly holiday. AAA noted a 20 percent increase in airfare and a 2-5 percent rise in rail travel fare. Fuel is also up 50 cents per gallon compared to 2010. In contrast, discount bus carriers are offering round-trip tickets for often a third of the price of the plane or train. Bus travel is definitely your most wallet-friendly option!
  2. Safety comes first. Driving can be exhausting, especially with the additional traffic on the roads for the holiday. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 12.5 percent of crashes leading to hospitalization are caused by fatigued drivers. Still considering going the distance by car? Thanksgiving is the number one holiday for drunk driving related fatalities, ahead of New Year’s Eve.
  3. More seats made available. Hoping for a spot to clear up on a last minute flight? That might be wishful thinking! The Air Transport Association (ATA) warned travelers to expect full flights during Thanksgiving due to a reduction in the number of seats available. On the other hand, bus operators are adding close to 780 additional motorcoaches, especially to better serve the northeast routes. That’s about 42,900 extra seats!
  4. Green is a jolly color. Traveling by bus is the most efficient way to travel in the U.S. Inter-city buses can get a whopping 125 passenger miles per gallon (pMPG), while Amtrak trains only get 45 pMPG and an average plane’s efficiency is around 22.6 pMPG. Buses, which can often carry 50+ passengers at a time, also reduce the number of cars on the road. That results in a lot less traffic, and a lot less fuel consumption!
  5. Increased comfort. In recent years, bus operators have undergone massive changes, making the bus more appealing to users. Coupled with modern conveniences and updates like WiFi accessibility, bus travel is a comfortable and customer-friendly option for your travels.


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